TreasureIslandMedia – Public Meat

An all-out fuckfest shot in London’s dungeons, bars, saunas and bathrooms. Most married men fuck in their bedrooms, just like their parents. And then there are men like us. We make and take our pleasures wherever the fuck we want. Unbridled by puritanical rules and ever-increasing restrictions on public play, and following the alluring scent of mansex, we unleash our desires in back alleyways, nighttime parks, and dingy pubs. Public Meat celebrates primal manhood and challenges all men: Get out of your bedrooms and take to the streets.”

General : TIM – Public Meat (2016)
Format : MPEG-4
Length : 1.54 GiB for 2h 2mn 48s 629ms
Video : AVC at 1 632 Kbps
Aspect : 960 x 540 (1.778)

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